How to Create a Menu for a Restaurant

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How to Create a Menu for a Restaurant

We all want to be healthier to work and be free from sicknesses. The food we eat and the drinks we take must be well prepared by a qualified chef. Customers cannot walk in the restaurant and start requesting to be taken over each meal available to place an order. They ask for a menu.

A restaurant menu design is a list of meals and beverages a restaurant offers. In the previous articles, I have talked about how you can open a restaurant for dummies and how to open a restaurant with no money, in this article, I am going to show you how to create a restaurant menu. As a restaurateur, you must have some restaurant menu ideas.

Menu saves customers’ time since they can see all the meals they want on the list. Creating a restaurant menu list is among the first items that should be prioritized. Looking back at the menu history. It dated back to the Song Dynasty in China. It was prepared by the caterers to tailor food for the busy customers who had no time to cook their food. Since then, restauranteurs have embraced the idea of menus.

People have different restaurant menu ideas; some use a chalkboard menu, menu templates, and other customized menu shells. Various restaurant menu categories are widely used. They include; -

A la Carte Menu – In this restaurant menu list, each food item is priced separately. A customer is allowed to make a combination of meals in the Ala Carte menu. The prices of the food items are usually high compared to those from other tables. -

Static menu – It is commonly available in fast-food restaurants. It is usually laminated for easy cleanup.

Wine/beverage menu – Many restaurants have wines and beverages. They offer the wine restaurant menu list to their customers to make it easier for them to choose their favorite drinks.

Du Jour Menu – It is a restaurant menu list for a particular dish for the day. The menus are dynamic; they keep on changing depending on the availability of seasonal items. These restaurant menu designs are usually for a discount to customers. It can be soup du jour.

Dessert menu – These restaurant menu designs offer desserts that are available to specific restaurants. They are usually the deserts that the restaurant is famous for.

How to Make a Beautiful Menu Card

A menu card is not only used by the customers to order food but also provides details about the product, services and the theme of the restaurant. It makes sure the customers receive excellent services and satisfied. Various restaurant menu designs are widely used in foodservice. They include;

Buffet menu card- It is a restaurant menu list that contains all the food and beverages that guests or customers can order from the buffet table. All the food is classified according to its characteristics or the serving group. It is essential for customers since it makes them have prior knowledge of the food they are likely to be served with. They are given an opportunity to decide while seated. It is a great restaurant menu idea.

Wedding menu card – A wedding is an event that has many guests; people have different tastes and preferences. Some are even allergic to a specific food. Organizers usually hire best restaurant chefs to offer catering services for these wedding events. The chefs must create a restaurant menu to give to guests. Creating a restaurant wedding menu enables the guests to choose their favorite meal.

Menu flyer. We are all familiar with leaflets that politicians give out while campaigning. A restaurant menu fly is not different from them. This restaurant menu card is designed to serve two purposes; as a marketing and advertising tool and to present the kind of meals the restaurant offers. The restaurant menu list creates awareness to the public about the meals offered by the restaurant prices and modes of payment.

Beverage menu – There are a thousand brands of beverage, and everyone has his favorite. This restaurant menu list enables customers to choose drinks they like. It also shows the beverages’ prices for easy budgeting.

Room service menu – It is common in restaurants and resorts that offer accommodation services. The restaurant menu list is designed to include the restaurant rooms that guests can book and the available meals. The restaurant design templates enable the guests to order meals and be delivered to their rooms.

This article is not only useful to those who have established restaurants but also those who want to know how to start a small restaurant. The first step is to open a restaurant checklist. The menu markets the restaurant. Once customers are given a restaurant menu list, as they browse through it, they see other meals and services offered in the restaurant. A large number of people have left the matter of designing restaurant menu list to experts who charge high increasing the cost of running the restaurant little do they know they can develop their menu.

How to Create a Restaurant Menu

A good restaurant menu list is designed and implemented by the restauranteur himself. The restauranteur knows the type of food and services the restaurant is offering. A menu mirrors the theme, atmosphere, and style of the establishment of the restaurant. A restaurant menu design can be formal – a sealed printed menu placed on the restaurant table or ultra-casual – meals are written on the chalkboard. People have now advanced and use a customized menu for tablets. They all serve the same purpose. To create a viable restaurant menu list, you must keep the following things in mind.

Before you write the restaurant start menu, make sure there is a good connection between the restaurant kitchen and the list. The kitchen size directly influences the style of cuisine. A small kitchen implies the restaurant cannot offer a wide range of meals.

The restaurant menu list should be illegible and legible. The fonts and language used should make it visible, readable and comprehensible. You will receive customers of different calibers, some short-sighted and others are long-sighted. If they are having problems reading the menu, they will walk away.


A price is what we pay for a product or service, but the cost is the value of the service. Knowing the value of your meals allows you to price the meals accordingly. Customers always want to see the value once they taste the meal. Overcharging the meals may scare away the customers while undercharging them can make you run the restaurant at a loss.

Explicit, clear photos of the meals. Pictures explain themselves. They have persuasive power in them. People make decisions based on the image they see. Each meal on the restaurant menu list should be accompanied by a clear, eye-catching photo. If the photos are of poor quality, customers will presume the food is not delicious and forgo it for another meal with a clear photo.

Designing the menu depends on how viable your restaurant menu ideas are and how prepared you are to put them in writing. People cannot read the menu in your head; you have to transform it into words for everyone to see and read it.

How to Make a Menu in Microsoft Word

Every restaurateur wants to cut the cost to maximize profit. Expenses such as hiring people to design a restaurant menu list can be reduced by developing it by yourself. I am going to show you how you can make a menu on Microsoft word in from a laptop. It is easy like it sounds. Along with enticing aroma, a well-designed restaurant menu design is the first thing patrons notice once they enter the restaurant.

With the restaurant menu idea in mind, determine the number of pages you want your restaurant menu template to have, whether you want it to have graphics or be simple. You should also decide the way of printing it; black and white or color.

Choose a template. Open the Microsoft word on your computer. Click “file” then “New” to create your restaurant menu list. Microsoft word is designed in a way where you can review some menu templates on your computer. Click “Sample templates” to review them. Click on the link under “” to revisit the Microsoft store of the restaurant menu list available online.

Take time to scroll down the restaurant menu examples analyzing them until you find one that matches your restaurant. The restaurant menu sample provided enables you to choose a layout that pleases you. Once you have identified it, double-click it load to the word.

The layout is editable giving you an opportunity to edit the boxes to add the name of your restaurant menu list, meal descriptions, and prices. Click the “Home” tab in the word to modify the font face, size, and color to make your restaurant menu design unique.

If you want to add graphics to your restaurant menu template, click “Picture” under illustrations to add graphics. Here, choose photos that are clear and do not exaggerate the meals. Once you click “Picture,” Microsoft Word will automatically navigate to where you have saved the restaurant photos. Double click the photos you want to add to the restaurant menu.

Proofread and counter check the restaurant menu list before you print it. Man is in error. A misspelled name or words on the restaurant design menu sends a wrong picture to the patrons. It implies the restaurateur is ignorant or illiterate. Correct the misspellings and click “save” to save the changes.

Once you are sure the restaurant menu list is in good order, print it by clicking File” then “Print.” If you intend to print the menu on both sides, click “Duplex,” after choosing the printing machine of your choice. You should note that the restaurant menu list should be color.

Restauranteurs who want their restaurant menu lists to be placed on the tables should laminate them to keep them from wearing due to water that splashes on the table. Restauranteurs who want to print a small booklet should make sure the restaurant menu design is laminated to boost its lifespan.

Place the restaurant menu list in a position where everyone can reach them and read them quickly.

For individuals who want to start a small restaurant, you must open a restaurant startup checklist. New restaurants need to differentiate themselves from the rest of the existing restaurants. For people who want to know how to start a small restaurant, a restaurant startup checklist is the first step.

I am going to discuss some restaurant startup checklist that you need to have before you open the restaurant. Cherry-pick a concrete restaurant model. A restaurant concept is obtained debriefed from the current food trends. An idea built on a strong restaurant menu offers classic and delicious meals is likely to get the restaurant going.

Check out your competitors. Competition is an external factor that affects businesses. Business people have no control over it, but they can circumvent it. Offer meals that you are sure your customers will love them. Do not underestimate your competitors and overestimate yourself.

Select a good location. I am always amused when I see restauranteurs open restaurants in a poor location. There will be a limited number of customers per night hence low sales. They are likely failing.

Meet with financiers. In case you have no money to finance your business, source for investors. Many investors welcome the idea if it seems promising.

For the sake of those who missed our previous article on how to start a restaurant for dummies, I am going to brush it. Dummies cannot respond to customer's questions, request for an order or greet them. If you are planning to open a restaurant for dummies, you should make sure the restaurant menu list is on the waiter’s figure tips. You can even decide to customize the menu such that customers order food from tablets and the work of the dummies to deliver the meals.

You should also transverse with your customers to determine they like the idea of the dummies. Some customers may not be entertained by the idea of being served by a dummy. Extra waiters should always be at ease to replace the dummies once they fail to work.

How to Design a Restaurant Menu

Restaurants that invest in good restaurant menu designs are likely to prosper than those who do not spend. Restaurant menu lists convince customers to purchase specific meals. They also make them return to the restaurant to buy the meals they saw but did not get the chance to try the first round. Choosing the right restaurant menu templates can cause a significant increase in restaurant sales.

Here are some of creative restaurant menu templates

Food restaurant template menu - It is an appealing restaurant menu list for all restaurants. This minimalist and friendly design makes it easy for diners to pick out the meals’

Seafood menu restaurant template – It is common in restaurants located along the seashores. It features photoshop and illustrator files to give a detailed prescription for each meal. Visit for the best restaurant samples that can suit your restaurant.

Steakhouse template menu – It has stunning HD photos that make it gorgeous. It is very persuasive since the diners can have a view of the food they are ordering.

Chalkboard restaurant menu design – It is perfect for multi-restaurants. It is mostly designed with the black-and-white layout and well-curved letters which are readable and legible to the diners.

Country food menu – This is the best restaurant menu design to kick out your competitors. It has an incredible retro design with grime elements and sophisticated colors. All the meals are categorized making it easy for the customer to pick a meal.

Café Menu Flyer - This restaurant menu list has a comforting color scheme that is easy on the eyes of the customers.

Restaurant Menu Flyer. Hook your customer's attention and appetite with this well-designed and eye-catching restaurant menu. Pictures and graphics are enticing and catchy.


Eric Schlosser said, “Fast food is popular because it's convenient, it's cheap, and it tastes good. But the real cost of eating fast food never appears on the menu”. A menu is a mirror for the restaurant. All the food prepared in the restaurant should be in the restaurant menu list. You should never include a meal in the restaurant menu list if it’s not offered in the restaurant. It can cost you a lot when a customer orders the meal only to find it is a photo on the menu. Customers will never trust you and may decide to avoid your restaurant.

Your restaurant menu template should be editable. Meals change, and food prices keep on fluctuating. Update the new services the restaurant is offering. Customers do not like being told this is a unique meal. Include all the special meals on the restaurant menu list together with their prices.

Making a restaurant menu list is difficult because many materials confuse the restauranteurs making it hard for them to make a decision. This article will guide you through creating your menu. It is you who knows the meals the restaurant is offering and the ingredients used.

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