10 Best Menu Designs

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10 Best Menu Designs

Opening and running a restaurant is quite and exciting. It's like riding a bicycle, you have to keep on pedaling. If you stop, you will fall. In the restaurant business, there are challenges that should not make you close the business. Keep on pressing and be prepared to overcome.

Running a restaurant is not a walk in the park. There are several things that you need to address for your business to remain reliable. One of those things is a perfect restaurant menu design vector. A menu is more than a list of dishes. A menu says a lot about the restaurant, it creates the first impression before customers are served with there favorite meal.

Make sure your restaurant has a modern design menu. The menu will play an integral part in a high-end dining experience. Customers always appreciate a well-designed menu since it reflects the restaurant’s mode of management. There are various free menu design templates that can guide you in preparing an eye-catching menu. I will take through the best ten best menu designs free.

1. Best Design Menu for a Pizza Restaurant Menu

There are many pizza restaurants in the market. This means there is stiff competition. If you are not smart enough to outsmart your competitors, you will walk home through the back door hiding from debtors. Only a creative restaurant menu design will save you.

A pizza restaurant menu should have High-Density photos of the pizza offered in your restaurant. The photos should be designed such that they can entice the customers. The name and price of each pizza type should be included in the menu. I will give you some menu design tips to develop your own pizza restaurant menu.

Include three or four pizza photos that are colored in the menu which has the restaurant logo. The pizza category headings should be broad and eligible for customers to read it without straining. Below is an example of a good design Pizza Restaurant Menu.

2. Best Design Menu for Asian Restaurant

Create an enticing Asian restaurant menu that incorporates all the meals sold in the restaurant. this will help customers to easily locate the meal they want to order. Use attractive images, they will help you in selling the dishes.

Update your restaurant menu at least a year. A menu is not something you write and forget it for the rest of the restaurant’s life. As time goes by, you introduce meals in restaurants depending on the customer's demands. Include the new meals in the restaurant.

When designing an Asian Restaurant Menu, there are various things you should avoid. First, never laminate your menu. Instead, invest in the menu that has clear sleeves. Laminating the Asian Restaurant Menu makes it hard for you to update the menu or you want to replace them because of wear and tear. Laminating might look like a wise thing since the menu is free from split water and soup but in the real sense, it is expensive when you have to reprint them after three months.

Once you have designed and prepared your Asian Restaurant Menu, give it to someone you trust to access it. Do not give your family member or a friend or someone who is afraid to give you a genuine response.

The people scrutinizing the menu should be able to tell if the Asian Restaurant Menu is readable and whether the descriptions are easily understandable. If the dishes do not look appealing, go back to the drawing board and prepare a creative menu design. Below is an example of an Asian Restaurant Menu design.

3. Best Design Menu for Indian Restaurant

One thing I am sure is, when you see an Indian Restaurant, the first thing that rings in your mind is pepper. These restaurants have more than spiced meals. If you are intending to open an Indian restaurant, make sure your menu is well designed.

The menu should be standard in such a way that it is good looking and eye-catching. Menu written in small numbers makes customers struggle when reading them. Your Indian restaurant number should be well curved and easy to read. The Indian Restaurant Menu should be bright and colorful.

Make sure pictures of Indian food are included in the menu. The name of the restaurant and logo should be added to the menu. The font used in writing the restaurant meals and descriptions should be simple and easy to read. A font size of 12 to 14 is readable when printed. Do not use bold of capitalized words in your Asian Restaurant Menu

4. Best Design Menu for Mexican Restaurant

The menu is a powerful engine for every restaurant. Sometimes when you dance near the edges of a cliff you are likely to fall. If your Mexican Restaurant Menu is not well designed, you will fall down a bottomless pit.

Include some disclaimers on your menu but do not overcrowd it. just two or three can be okay. Too many disclaimers will look like a joke in front of the customer's eyes and the menu won't sound realistic. Disclaimers act as a way of encouraging a big crowd of customers to visit your restaurant.

I walked into a restaurant and when I was given a menu, half a fried chicken was two pieces. I changed my order immediately. Never ever include the number of pieces a meal will have in the Mexican Restaurant Menu.

Do not include the number of pieces of food a dish will have, it might scare away your customers no matter how delicious the meal is. Remember, the first impression cannot be created twice. Customers first see the menu before they see the dish itself.

5. Best Design Menu for Drinks and Beverage Restaurant

Restaurants have many different customers. Some use soft drinks and others use hard drinks. Customers cannot walk down the to pinpoint the drinks they want. They must be given a menu to aid them in choosing their favorite drink and making a decision.

For your menu to be standard and eye-catching, include all the drinks you are offering on the menu. clear photos of the drinks should also be added. Make sure the prices of the drinks are indicated. This will help the customers to make a buying decision. To budget on how many battles they will take depending on the weight of their wallet.

If you offer takeaway drinks, indicate on the menu. in case there is an extra charge on the takeaway drinks, put it on the menu. Avoid getting your customers by surprise when they are on the counter to clear their bills.

For restaurants that offer special drinks as xxx include it on the menu. make sure the price per glass in against the drink. I have seen several instances where customers sue the management for extra charging them. The price for a special drink was included on the menu. avoid this drama by including everything on the menu. Here is an example of a well-written drinks and beverage menu design.

6. Best Menu Design for China Restaurant

People are embracing Chinese food. The meals are not only favorite to Chinese people but also to people across the whole world. If you are intending to open a Chinese restaurant, make use of your menu is well designed. It should include all the meals offered in the restaurant.

As you design the menu, keep in mind the size of your kitchen. A big kitchen reciprocates to a variety of meals that your restaurant can offer. If you decide to offer complex expensive meals, you are likely to experience serious issues during rush hours. You will not be able to supply them at once since you are limited.

Make sure your menu has a well-planned layout and well-written descriptions. Avoid overcrowded layout since they will cause confusion to the customers. The Chinese restaurant menu should match its theme, location, and type.

Make sure your restaurant description is enticing and appealing such that customers will be mouth-watering once they set their eyes on it. Use photos of the best Chinese meals offered.

In your Chinese Restaurant Menu, give a brief description of the ingredients used in the preparation of that meal. The descriptions will help customers in choosing their meals. Hypothetically, there are customers who are diabetic and are not supposed to take sugary meals. Since they can view the ingredients used, they will not order a meal that has sugar.

7. Best menu Design for Fried Rice Restaurant

Running a restaurant is not a hit and run game. It requires you to strike the perfect balance between good quality food and atmosphere in order to build up a loyal customer base. One way of creating a good ambiance is by ensuring you have the best menu design.

You must now put in place the way you will serve your fried rice. Include the price of the fried rice on the menu. Nobody likes to ask the waiter price every few seconds. Prepare enough menus depending on the size of your kitchen and the number of seats your Fried Rice Restaurant has.

8. Best menu Design for Dinner Buffet Restaurant

The buffet is one of the best meals in many restaurants, people enjoy them. Since it is a collection of many meals that people have to serve themselves, make sure each meal is included in the menu and price against it.

It will be easy for the customers to decide early in advance the type of food to eat bearing in mind some people are restricted to certain meals. Some people are vegetarians. Use a font that is eligible to the customers.

9. Best menu Design for International Food Restaurant

When you open a restaurant, a menu is one of the most important responsibilities that you will undertake as a restaurant owner. The items you will include in your menu will be responsible for bringing in customers in your business.

Finding ways to maximize revenue should be one of the utmost priorities. We add to start a business with the intention of making a profit. Make sure your International Restaurant Menu has all the meals you are offering.

Start by promoting the most profitable meals. This are the items that have a low cost of the ingredients used and you can make huge sales. These are the meals that are easy to prepare. They will take little time to prepare them. Promote the items by using large High-Density photos.

In your menu, but the best offerings at the top of the category. Include photos of the meals on the menu. With large photos of the meals featured on the menu, international customers are likely to order them hence make more profit.

10. Best menu Design for Vegetarian Restaurant Menu

I am sure you have heard of people who describe themselves as vegetarians. Some are vegetarians by default whether others are by choice. The vegetarian customers expect to be served with a vegetarian menu once they step in your restaurant.

Make sure your vegetarian restaurant menu template has a list of all the vegetable salad, soup, sandwiches with prices and other fresh vegetables. Update your menu frequently to remove the vegetables that the restaurant is no longer offering and include the new vegetables.

A cool restaurant menu design is likely to convince more customers to make an order since many people make a decision depending on what they see. It will market your restaurant.


A restaurant without a menu is like a Public Service Vehicle without seats. People will get and walk out once they realize they are something missing in it. They will not tell you why they dislike your restaurant.

If you don’t have an idea on how to prepare the best website menu design, worry not, this article will be your restaurant menu design inspiration, it will guide you step by step. it will help you design a standard menu that will advertise your restaurant.

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