How to Attract Customers to your Restaurant?

Opening and running a restaurant business is one thing and attracting customers is another thing. They are quite different but they work together. A restaurant with little or no customers will not progress.

This means there will be no returns. It will be crippled by it.

Every restaurateur targets a certain market and works hard to satisfy them. However, you have to look for ways to lure the target customers to your restaurant. 
You might be cooking the best dishes in town but if your customers are not aware of them, don’t expect them to walk inside your restaurant.

In this article, I am going to show you how you can attract customers to your restaurant

If your restaurant is receiving a low number of customers, worry not because you are on the right track. I will take you down on how to improve your restaurant business. For your restaurant business to make it, you will have to do the extra mile.

Make your customers fall in love with your dishes

Serving the best meal in your restaurant does not guarantee your restaurant will be full to capacity if no one knows how sweet your food is. Once the customers taste your food and like it, they will keep on coming back from time to time. 

Create colorful flyers

Do not waste too much energy and money advertising your restaurant business over the television and radio stations. Create colorful flyers that feature the meals offered in the restaurant and their prices. If you have any offers, include them in the flyer and give them to customers. Use of flyers is the best restaurant strategy since you will not incur extra advertising costs. Printing and issuing of the flyers will not cost you a lot.

Offer dish discounts

Offering discounts is a fun restaurant business idea since people like cheap but quality meals. You might be tempted to think that the restaurant will incur some losses but that is not true. The discounts will increase sales hence you will make more profit. An offer of 10 % or 20% is good enough to lure a thousand customers a day. Give your customers free appetizers and drinks while waiting to be served.

Organize big events

A calendar has many holidays in a year. Do not let this holiday decorate your notebook. Take advantage of them and organize big events during those holidays. Events like valentine eve, sporting events, new year eve and holiday event is the perfect marketing strategy to attract customers. This is a unique marketing strategy to attract customers since people are looking for places to visit and have fun. Your restaurant will be the first of their choice. The events will popularize your restaurant since it will accommodate people from different walks of life.

Send birthday and holiday messages to your customers

We all love to be acknowledged.

Sending birthday wishes to your customers will make them feel honored and appreciated. It is a restaurant marketing strategy that will make your potential customers remain loyal to you. Your customers’ friends will also be willing to be associated with your restaurant. It is a fun restaurant promotion idea that will win the heart of many customers.

The messages will keep on reminding the customers that your restaurant exists.

Take that opportunity to notify them of the new events you are organizing and the best deals on discount that month. The massages will link you and your customers. Customers can even raise a question concerning your services or give you opinions that can help you in improving your services.

Set happy hour in your restaurant

The aim of the happy hour is to boost your sales and bring in more customers. Choose the time where there is low customer turn out. It is a restaurant lunch special idea that will give you huge sales. During the happy hour, customers can take takeaways which are well packaged.

For those who do not know how to attract customers to your takeaway, I will show you. Introduce a discount on the takeaways and transport to the nearby bus stop for your customers. You will win their trust and people will buy massively. There is an increasing emphasis on millennials these days with restaurateurs targeting them.

The reason is simple, the spending power of these millennials is estimated to grow by 2020.

So, you must tailor your restaurant workers on how to accommodate the millennials. I will discuss the best restaurant marketing strategies that will enable you to make your restaurant better. This is how to attract millennials to your restaurant.

Use a restaurant website and mobile optimization

The majority of the millennials view restaurant menus online. Make sure your restaurant menu is on your website and update it frequently. This restaurant strategy will enable you to attract more millennials.

Social Media Marketing

Millennials are presumed to trust social media more than any other traditional advertisement. Use social media to inform them of the best dishes you are offering in your restaurant.

This is how you will attract more customers, the millennials within and outside your vicinity will be aware of your restaurant and the meals you offer via the social media. They will be able to place orders online.

For those who do not know how to attract students to your restaurant, use the social media platform to market your restaurant since they have plenty of time to browse and the majority of them want to experience a different meal.

Be transparent

Millennials like transparent people. Be frank to the millennials by telling them where the food comes from. This is a marketing strategy to attract customers since you will be different from your competitors.

Feng Shui Tips to Attract Customers

There is nothing better than hearing a cash register in your account. Restaurateurs need to address the following issues in order to win Feng This’ heart. This is how to attract more customers to your restaurant.

  1. Rotate your merchandise. Feng Shui love movement and flow, make sure your merchandise is rotating by moving it to a new location. 
  2. Use lucky corners. Feng shui like power corners. Create a corner opposite and diagonal to the entrance door and display special offers or unique products. 
  3. Show appreciativeness. Let your customers know that you are happy they have purchased from your restaurant. Wear a smiling face to your customers even if you are unhappy. Sheng Shui hates gloomy people. This is a fun restaurant promotion idea that will make customers to steam into your restaurant. 
  4. Be social. I once walked into a boutique and the attendant was so friendly. He showed me all the best trending outfits. I ended up buying more than I had planned. Being social is a restaurant strategy that will make customers feel free to ask you any questions. 

Customers will also feel at ease to give you their opinion on the areas they feel you should improve to make your restaurant better. 

Guerilla Marketing Ideas for Restaurants

Challenges never cease for restaurants. One of these challenges is restaurant marketing. Marketing sensitizes customers about the restaurant and its dishes. These are some of guerrilla marketing ideas for restaurants.

  • Appear at the popular event. Make sure you show up in popular events and prepare the best meals to offer in that event. This activity is known as ambush marketing. You will be able to convert passive customers into active customers.
  • Stickers, posters or flyers. The use of stickers is a fun restaurant promotion idea that is great since you have the time to design the best flyers that will lure customers into your restaurant. Put the stickers and posters on strategic areas where everybody can see them. Creating posters and flyers will not cost you a lot. Give out the flyers to the customers and road pass byes.
  • Start the Instagram video. Creating monthly or weekly videos featuring your restaurant dishes may lure customers into your restaurant. Make sure your videos are short, not more than 8 seconds. If you make it a routine, customers will have a reason to search out your dishes and share your content with their peers. 


As you think about starting a restaurant, look for the best ways to lure customers into your restaurant, invest in those ideas. Use these best restaurant strategies to get those customers to your restaurant. Once customers are familiar with your restaurant, they will keep on steaming in. 

The restaurant business is dynamic and so competitive so you need to find fresh ways to attract customers. Many customers mean more sales and more sales reciprocate to high profit. This article will guide you on how to make your restaurant better by registering new customers. The fun restaurant promotion ideas I have discussed above will be a guiding tool for your glory. 

This article will show you how to attract tourists to your restaurant since many customers now book restaurants online. The use of social media to market your restaurant is a marketing strategy that will attract customers in your restaurant business.