Choosing a Restaurant Concept

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Choosing a Restaurant Concept

Operating a business is like riding a bicycle. It is fun and exciting but there are times you are scared and feel powerless, and there are times you feel like you are flying. During the business trying times, there is no much you can do other than pressing on. Just like a bicycle, if you fail to move, you will fall.

All the big and successful restaurant businesses we admire were once someone’s thought. The restaurant owners took a step of faith and implemented the ideas. They invested all their life savings in it, and today they have something to smile about. The restaurant business cannot be successful if you make the wrong decision. You must have restaurant concept ideas that will guide your operations.

People usually confuse the restaurant brand and restaurant concepts. They are significantly different. Knowing the difference can make it easy for you to define your restaurant’s operations, goals, mode of management, advertising and marketing and also make it easy for you when making decisions.

Restaurant Concept Definition

A concept means an idea or notion. A restaurant's concept is the idea of what you offer- the products and services the restaurant is offering. They can be food and beverages or accommodation. A restaurant concept is part of the restaurant brand. Restaurant concepts include names of the meals on the menu, the interior and exterior design of the restaurant, the decorations in the restaurant, seat arrangement, service style and style of meals offered. Unique restaurant concepts can do your business to fly high. Customers enjoy seeing creativity and experience a different service when they enter your restaurant. If they cannot note any difference from one restaurant to the other, they are likely to shy away from your restaurant.

Rudiments of a Restaurant Concepts

A unique restaurant concept has an array of features that are convincing and luring in nature. It starts from the restaurant name, employees uniform to the painting on the walls. Every detail contributes to the restaurant concept. You must choose the employees to uniform wisely. I will show you some of the essential restaurant concepts.

• Restaurant Brand Name

Everyone has a name to differentiate himself/herself from the rest of a congregation. Names are used for easy referral. Suppose you are giving some stranger directions to a restaurant that has no name. It is hectic since you cannot tell the exact building. The restaurant name is part of the restaurant concept, and it should be unique. You cannot choose a name that has already been used. You will be sued by the domain owner.

Restaurant names should be simple, authentic and memorable. Customers are likely to forget long names since they are hard to memorize. For your restaurant concept to be unique, choose a name that people are familiar with. A name that simplifies delicious food will make your business boom. Some customers judge services by the name of the restaurant.

• Restaurant Menu

Many restaurants are crawling out of the old menus we used to know. Menus that were written on the walls with chalk and due to poor chalk quality, some words are not visible. The introduction of the internet and the use of ordering software has made restaurants improve their menu. For the restaurant concept to be unique, the menu should be editable, visible to all customers and have High-Density photos. A well-written restaurant menu is one of the best restaurant concepts.

Best restaurant menus are designed in a manner that customers can place an order by themselves. Restaurants that use customized menus in the tablets are likely to make more sales in a day than those who have their menus on the walls since the restaurant concept is unique and customers feel recognized and supplicated.

The best restaurant concept has a menu that shows the ingredients used, the mode of cooking, a brief description of the food, experience and chef’s academic level to lure customers.

• Service Elegances

Restaurant services determine the number of customers you will receive in a day. Excellent facilities attract customers with increasing sales volume. Poor services make customers to shy away from your restaurant. Best restaurant concepts have superb customer services.

Service styles may look unrelated but the kind of services you offer to customers directly relate to the restaurant concept in the sense that, it affects the overall operations of the restaurant. Some of the service elegances that can impact your restaurant include fast food, fine dining, buffet, food tracking, bar, coffee shop.

Best restaurant concepts put the welfare of the customers first. The restauranteur works hard to make sure all the customers are satisfied and address all the queries submitted. Some restaurants have suggestion boxes where customers present their issues.

• Restaurant Décor and Ambiance

Wall paintings, music played, table setting, lighting, and decorations in the restaurant have a massive impact on your restaurant. Best restaurant concepts have these features well-designed. The furniture is comfortable. If the restaurant is growing, you can purchase cheap furniture to cut costs, but they must be comfortable. If the restaurant has established itself, you have to buy comfortable couches like leather sofas.

You have to revisit your restaurant concept ideas and reexamine them to make sure they are unique and will bring a significant impact to the restaurant. When making the decorations, consider the needs of your customers. Also, if the restaurant has a dating area, create the enabling ambiance by improving the privacy of the dating couple.

• Restaurant Security Detail

Security of the customers should be the priority to every restauranteur. Your restaurant concept ideas should have proper strategies to make sure the customer’s security is not jeopardized. Safety starts with the customers’ property to the food cooked.

Anne Morrow said, “For happiness, one needs security, but joy can spring like a flower even from the cliffs of despair.” Best restaurant concepts have features like CCTV Cameras fitted everywhere to make sure customers feel secure. Customers can be happy if they are scared.

How to Choose the Best Restaurant Concepts

Choosing between right and wrong is a challenge for many of us. You realize you made the wrong decision when you start experiencing the repercussions. In this article, I am going to show you how you can choose the best restaurant concepts. The steps will guide your thoughts in determining the unique restaurant concepts.

a) Identify what inspires you

– People produce the best results when working on what motivates them. If a chef likes cooking, he is likely to cook a delicious meal. Put all your employees in a position they are talented, or they have expertise.

b) Define your unique swirl

– Unique restaurant concepts stand a chance of making the restaurant prosper. Customers like to experience a unique taste in a meal. If you offer similar food to the other restaurants, customers will not like it.

c) Research your customer base

- Research helps you to understand your customers. It will aid you in determining the demand for the type of food you want to offer in the restaurant. Look for what is crucial to your customers and decide what you want to communicate to them. Best restaurant concepts put the needs and prerequisites of customers ahead of everything.

d) Develop a menu

– The menu gives customers an opportunity to decide without external interference. If you brand your restaurant as an Irish pub, make sure all the beverages in the restaurant feature in the restaurant. Best restaurant concepts have a noticeable and legible menu that is visible.

e) Choose a service elegance

– Choose a service style that will make the customers comfortable. Once you have designed an enticing menu, choose a service style that will lend itself to your dishes.

Just like reading where everyone has his/her way of studying, no clear-cut strategy works for every restaurateur. There are a handful of guidelines that can help you track your restaurant concepts.

a) Be Aware of your Customers’ expectations

Make sure your customers are aware of what to anticipate once they come to your restaurant. This helps you to avoid instances of confrontations between customers and your employees. For your restaurant concept to be unique, make sure the employees wear appropriate dress codes. Offer what you have advertised. Do not advertise you offer wine and when employees order wine, you cannot produce it.

You can develop your restaurant concepts by talking to the customers to hear their views about the management of the restaurant, their opinions about the services and areas they feel you should improve.

b) Be Consistent

Restaurant concept consistency should be cohesive and remain constant. Opening and closing of the restaurant now and then scare away customers since they cannot trust you. Sometimes customers have meetings, summits or workshops and need a spacious restaurant. Your restaurant would be the last on their list since you are unreliable.

Once you have established the menu, furniture arrangement and the décor you are happy with, you must stick with them. Best restaurant concepts maintain the same restaurant tone, mode of management and customer relationship. Once the employees are familiar with the rules and regulations of the restaurant, it becomes easy for you to make decisions.

c) Always Think About Your Customers

Customers are the major stakeholders in a restaurant business. They deserve the best services. Still, make sure your focus is on them. Address all their complaints instantly and apologize to them. Unique restaurant concepts give their customers maximum attention and treat them as preciously.

Best Restaurant Concept Examples

Coming up with the best restaurant ideas is not an easy thing. It requires you to conduct research and seek expertise from professionals. Here are some examples of unique restaurant concepts.

• Mashups

- Nearly all the restaurants are based on the style of food offered. The most successful restaurants combine dishes, decorations, music, and beverages to accommodate all customers. Unique restaurant concepts target all types of customers so that they can have everything in one building.

• Innovation

– Necessity is the mother of innovation. For the restaurant to prosper, you must be innovative. Employ workers who are innovative. Best restaurant concepts are based on innovation.

How to Develop a Restaurant Concept Sample

Developing a perfect restaurant concept is crucial for the triumph of the restaurant. Customers are not only interested in the type of food you offer but also the surroundings. Restaurant concepts make restaurants popular. If you deploy the best ideas, your business is likely to bourgeon. For you to attract and maintain a competitive edge, develop a suitable restaurant concept that is geared towards satisfying the potential guests. Here are steps on how to prepare the best restaurant concepts.

• Identify an ideal location.

Choose a suitable place that is accessible, affordable and spacious. Most ideal locations are expensive since they are located in the Central Business District or near the bus terminus. Take a quick survey of the existing restaurants in the area and note the restaurant concepts ideas that are used by these restaurants.

The survey will help you in developing your restaurant concepts and recognizing the missing ideas. You will be able to determine whether you will be able to open the restaurant in that location or not.

• Conduct market research.

Determine the age, ethnicity, income levels and region of your target market. The information you get will help you in identifying the apt population to focus on your restaurant concept. Knowing your target market will enable you to see the kind of food to cook. Some religions like Hindu prohibit their followers from consuming cow, Islam doesn’t eat pig. When developing your restaurant concept, you will avoid these meals if the majority of the customers are Hindu or Islam.

• Analyze the competition level.

The kind of competition your restaurant will face will impact its operations. If there is intense competition, your business is not likely to succumb not unless you develop unique restaurant concepts. The market analysis information will enable you to know the market targeted by your competitors, prices they are charging, their strengths and weaknesses.

The information will help you in developing a restaurant concept. It will enable your restaurant to perfectly fit in the market since it will help you to identify a market niche for your restaurant.

• Identify the most appropriate restaurant concept.

After analyzing all the information you receive, choose the best restaurant concept idea. Focus on the under-served customers, capital outlay, and competition level when arriving at the choice of your restaurant concept.

• Concoct a concept checklist.

The checklist should contain all the information about the restaurant concept. This includes the restaurant menu type, ambiance, and atmosphere of the restaurant; formal, casual or quixotic. This will enable you to offer all the services neglected by the competitors. The checklist should also contain the type of drinks served in the restaurant; alcoholic and nonalcoholic or alcoholic only. It should also state whether takeaway and home deliveries are available or not. If they are available, at what rates.

Successful restaurant Concepts 2018

A restaurant concept statement is very essential in the development of your restaurant business plan. Best restaurant concepts are based on the original notion of the restaurant. If you are opening a new restaurant, take your time and look at the new ideas. If you already have an existing restaurant and you have realized things are not working, change or update the concepts. New restaurant concepts will attract new guests and increase sales enabling you to stay relevant. Some people are reluctant in adopting progressive technologies in their business, don’t be one of them. In this article, I will discuss the successful restaurant concepts in 2018.

a) Existing Restaurant Concepts

Let’s have a look at the central restaurant concepts and their physiognomies.

• Street Food

- The restaurant offer food on the street like the ice cream van, food truck. It has few tables without seats or in some cases no tables at all. Dishes are packaged for taking away; the meal is easy to eat.

• Food Court

– It is a restaurant situated in one location but has multiple various food points. It is common in shopping malls. Some of these restaurants have a similar external appearance.

• Diner Court

– They are cafes with self-service services. These restaurants charge low prices for the meals, and the menus are usually small.

• Casual Dining

– It is a restaurant with a relaxing atmosphere. They are mostly located in the coastal regions where there are fresh cool breezes. Customers have the privilege of enjoying the sea breeze as they have their meals.

• Fast-Casual

– It is a combination of casual dining and fast food. The menu is small and easy to read. The restaurant does not offer a large variety of meals.

Always restaurateurs work towards the improvement of their services to attract customers. Chefs undertake training to improve the quality of the food and also to improve their expertise in cooking. They do so by coming up with the best restaurant concepts that are geared towards the restaurant's term and short goals.

b) Hybrid Concepts

In this error, customers are not satisfied with a single concept restaurant; you have to combine a variety of them to stay relevant. Many restauranteurs try to diversify their operations to give customers a reason to come back. Unique restaurant concepts involve the use of a collaborative economy which is promising. It grows at a rate of 15-17% annually.

The collaborative economy will enable your restaurant business to grow since it utilizes inactive sections in your restaurant and introduce new business models. Best restaurant concepts keep on track the emerging and trending business operations by keeping an eye on their competitors.

c) Suppliers Open Their Restaurants

Suppliers have seen an opportunity in the restaurant business. The majority of them have entered the game. They have opened showrooms to display their products and at the same time opened restaurants where customers have meals while touring in the showroom. This is a unique restaurant concept since the suppliers do not have to start from scratch, they transform their customers.

d) Online Ordering

Customers more often order food from their homes. Best restaurant concepts make sure there is an application on their website where customers can order food online. The restaurants have an online ordering staff to manage all the orders made. Delivery vehicles like vans and motorcycles are in place to make timely deliveries.

Food ordered should be delivered on time and in excellent condition. Tracking devices should be fitted in the vehicles to monitors the movement of the orders to update the customers. If the restaurant would not be able to prepare the ordered meal in time, the online ordering staff should inform the customer early in advance.

How to develop a restaurant concept statement

Food is the cornerstone of every restaurant, and the menu you offer to customers will be based on what you love cooking. But, you can attract more customers if you focus on your restaurant concept ideas and lucid them for a broad customer base. You can create a restaurant concept statement by following the following steps.

• Narrow Your Focus

Every business has goals. If you narrow your attention towards achieving these goals, you are likely to offer the best food to your customers. Restaurants that prepare food from their region are expected to cook a delicious meal since they know what they are preparing and the ingredients used than when making food from all over the world. Best restaurant concepts concentrate on one geographical location. Once the region is satisfied, they open a branch in another site.

• Put Down your Restaurant Concept Statement

You can use your restaurant concept statement to the potential partners, bankers, and investors when seeking funds. Best restaurant concepts keep their audience in mind when drafting the statement. If you are targeting bankers or investors, emphasize on profitability. Bankers and investors always want to know how they will benefit from the business. If the business has the potential to pay back their money.

If you want to approach a partner like a chef, convince them by telling them the opportunities that might arise and how soon the restaurant will be great.

• Use Your Concept Statement

Writing an excellent restaurant concept statement and keeping it on the shelves will never help the restaurant. It should be your guiding tool to assist you in creating an end product that your customers will dearly love. Always refer to it when making decisions.


Customers are the central pillar of every restaurant. Your restaurant concepts should be designed to address the improve their prosperity and make them happy. The restaurant concepts should be geared towards improving customer welfare. You should also make sure the customers are comfortable in your restaurant, the food should be delicious, and your services surpass your competitors.

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