What we do for restaurants:

Da yummy builds webpages for restaurants with online food ordering and reservations (optional) and allows the restaurant to print the order directly to the kitchen with your POS system (Supports Star Micronics and EPSON printers). Dayummy’s online food ordering can be integrated into your existing webpage. We can attach the site to your domain or purchase from available.

What we do for flower shops and convenience stores and other category businesses: Da yummy builds a webpage with a shopping cart that allows business owners to process orders quickly and effectively.

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Savings, Marketing, and useful Features.

⚫ The catering button allows your customers to send you inquiries submitted via online form. This process will trigger an email to you with event details.

⚫ If you run Google ads and Facebook ads, you will have the best conversion rate with the DaYummy build page. The reason is the structure and easiness to use for all ages. Function to call for people that want direct connection and order online for those more tech-savvy customers.

⚫ Tracking system allowing you to check how many people visit your online store. If a customer subscribes or order online, you get the client's name and email address directly to your database, and it's stored in the DaYummy merchant management panel and doesn't end there. Now you have your customers' information in your database included with the Email marketing feature. You can re-target those customers and direct them to your restaurant to order again with their friends and family.

⚫ Da Yummy is a flexible service that allows store or multi-store operators to use online food ordering without new hardware. Automatically sending order tickets directly to the cooking stations enables you to focus your personnel on more important things. Has in-depth reporting and comes branded as YOUR webpage without the costly 10-25% commission.

  • *Da Yummy is flexible and works with or without Point of Sale.

  • →Use Da Yummy with your POS system in parallel.

  • *Integrates with your existing station printers.

  • →Print food tickets for Online orders in multiple station setup.

  • *Easy menu creation.

  • →Knock out an food item with 1-click.

  • *Powerful reporting.

  • →Automated Newsletter.

  • *Easy language switching English and Spanish.

  • →User orders online quicker than a phone call and saves time to your staff.

  • *Pre-Integrated Paypal and Stripe payment gateways also Pay on delivery or pick up.

  • →Using Paypal or Stripe money goes dirctly to your bank.

  • *PCI DSS Compliance.

  • →Unparalleled support.

Perfect for restaurants just like yours:

Fast food

Fine dining


Family style

Fast casual

Asian food

Details about the service you get.

  • Your customized whitelabelled solution for online food ordering

    DaYummy allows your restaurant to have an online food ordering systems then you can use it within your webpage, social media and any advertising campaign using Da Yummy link. No website? No problem, you’ll have your own dedicated webpage. Grow your restaurant without sacrificing a portion of your revenue with our scalable and affordable turn-key solution

  • Setup and manage your menu with ease

    Quickly and easily add your restaurant’s menu to the online application. Out of an item? No sweat! You can hide any menu item with a single click. You can also add and delete food items without canceling existing online orders.

  • Beautiful responsive design across mobile and web browsers

    It doesn’t matter what device your customers are ordering from the application is fully mobile responsive. Built with customer ease-of-use in mind with always visible menu categories. Menu items can have add-on items, customization notes, and more (cutting down on customer uncertainty and questions).

  • Powerful reporting at a glance

    Know what’s selling and what’s not with just a few clicks. Customize reporting by date ranges (month, week, specific days, etc). Make informed marketing decisions based on sales data.

  • Friendly support from the team when you need it

    Our expert team is here to work for you. Enjoy award winning support from our expert team. We’re ready to help your business grow and we are just a click away. Either send us an email or reach out to us via live chat in the merchant panel of our system.

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Get in front of customers when searching on Google and other search engines with the best organic ranking results. Imagine you get more calls, more foot traffic, and %40 more online food orders with DaYummy created Online Food Ordering page by following the success protocol.

  • Are you ready  to increase the profit margin?Here is the Sign-up procedure made simple for you.

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      Email us your food menu and we will get back to you in 48 hours with price and details. Email: sales@dayummy.com

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      Click the link below and fill the form. Please enter your information carefully double-check before you submit. After you submit the first information form, you will get a code in the email you use to sign up. Use that to confirm the account. Next, you will be able to log in to the merchant panel. The management panel will lead you through the process. Before the activation, is finished you won't be able to click anything else. Follow the steps, and when you complete the restaurant information and settings. Please log out and read the next step.


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    Options Table

    Restaurant Desktop Application allowing you to print on POS printers (Windows and MAC).
    Our software for order receiving works in parallel with your existing POS.
    Email Marketing Automation
    Sophisticated and customizable reporting
    Multi-language support
    1-click menu management
    user-friendly dashboard
    World class support
    No percentage of revenue taken
    No contracts

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    Book a quick no-obligation demo with our team and see why we are the best restaurant system.

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